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Siam Square Thai Cuisine, 1995 Windy Hill Rd.Smyrna, GA 30080

770 333 1700
Siam Square Thai Cuisine
1995 Windy Hill Rd.Smyrna, GA 30080


Siam SQUARE Thai Cuisine

“Siam Square”, located in the center of Bangkok, can be compared to Times Square in New York. The panoramic pictures on the walls show scenes of Siam Square today; the central station of the sky train, shopping plazas, trendy stores, theatres & restaurants.

These all reflect another element of contemporary Bangkok lifestyle, and hopefully can rekindle enjoyable memories if you have ever seen the original place.

We named our restaurant “Siam SQUARE” in an effort to recreate the urban, hip & relaxed atmosphere, also to prepare our food in a traditional home-style as you’re eating at the real Siam Square. We hope to bring you all the things that make Thai Cuisine so special and still convey the exciting atmosphere of Bangkok today.

Enjoy !! (Kin-Khao-Hai-A-Roy-Na-Ka)

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